Who We Are

Resilient Ventures is a fund “inspired by the legacy of Black Wall Street” that specifically targets African American-led startups. Our goal is to close the existing wealth gap by expanding access to capital, networks, and opportunity. We have been in the Research Triangle since the 1980s and know the ecosystem. We are also open to investing in companies in other regions of the U.S. where we have cultivated relationships with other national funds and ecosystem leaders.

Investment Thesis

Resilient Ventures is a committed capital fund that invests in African American founders leading companies that have determined market fit and are generating revenue. We have seen that African American founders are hidden from most investors, and “Market Inefficiencies” create opportunities for alpha returns. We provide access to founders who are often seen as “Undervalued” and “Underestimated.” We invest in emerging technologies, but we do not invest in biotechnology, cannabis and tobacco, cryptocurrency and tokens, gambling, liquor and spirits, professional services agencies, and real estate. Our initial check is $250K and then we follow on as the companies meet their milestones. We lead deals where appropriate. We take board seats. If we are not the lead, we require a side letter to provide information and participation rights. We require quarterly financial statements.

Prospective Company Profile

We are industry agnostic. We invest in companies where we believe we can add value.

  • Early-stage with a least one year of revenue

  • Established Market Fit

  • Industry sectors include: Tech or Tech-enabled, Consumer Products, Impact, Health (non-medical)

  • We prefer companies operating in the EST. We do not exclude on the basis of location and expect to syndicate with other aligned, larger national funds

Investing in Resilient Businesses Across The Color Line


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Portfolio Companies

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